Forum Series

Inside view of Forum gallery

Forum Exhibitions

a pile of folded blankets
Mar. 1–July 21, 2024
a monochromatic detail of a painting with a faint circle
Aug. 30, 2024–Feb. 2, 2025
A hand dusting a statue
Sept. 22, 2023–Feb. 11, 2024
Installation view of Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Oct. 15, 2021–Feb. 6, 2022
A photograph of waves headed towards shore
Apr. 10–Aug. 22, 2021
The top of a large sculpture emade out of angular wooden sections, forming the top of a globe
Feb. 21, 2020–Jan. 3, 2021
A close up photo of two webbed feet from a sculpture of a frog.
Sept. 20, 2019–Jan. 26, 2020
A pattern with lines and eyes.
Apr. 19–Aug. 25, 2019
Two women standing together
Mar. 15–July 22, 2018
Heads and bodies of strange looking human-like creatures, clustered together and facing the same way, as if part of a crowd
Sept. 22, 2017–Jan. 28, 2018
Michael Williams Truth About Painting 2 (detail), 2017, inkjet on canvas, Courtesy of the artist; CANADA, New York; Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels; and Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich and New York
Apr. 21–Aug. 27, 2017
Collection of animal and reptile wind-up toys
May 20–Oct. 24, 2016
a painting by Jacqueline Humphries
June 11–Oct. 5, 2015