Art Lesson Plans

    Eight people from the 1800s–men, women, and children–crowd around a Post Office door. Off to the right and left of the door, men are standing on the steps reading while young children attempt to get their attention to sell them newspapers. 
    Painting depicting young woman taking a break with hands resting on top end of a pitch-fork
    Painting of family gathered on hilltop with smoking ruins in the background
    Collage depicting abstract city scape with figures and smoke stacks
    Painting of a bearded man with hands folded and resting on his knee
    Photo of two people on a bed looking over various unwrapped gifts
    Still life painting with pitcher, bowls of strawberries, and plate of cheese
    Contemporary wooden chair designed with a zig-zag shape
    Painting of human face covered with a network of lines, shapes, and other forms
    Black and white photograph of young people hanging out
    Painting depicting woman surrounded by mob, religious figures, and people in morning