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    Nov. 1, 2014–Mar. 2, 2015
    Duane Michals Collector Exhibition Image
    Black and white book cover titled Storyteller by Duane Michals
    A black and white photo of a person facing the camera and holding their hand up to their mouth and shouting. Colorful flowers float out of the person's mouth.
    A photograph featuring a paper lantern sitting on a table surrounded by irises in vases. Light from an unseen window illuminates the items on the table. Text handwritten on the border of the image reads Spring sunshine, an old lantern, the first iris from my garden, a small happiness!
    Duane Michals: Collector
    Nov. 1, 2014–Feb. 16, 2015
    Storyteller The Photographs of Duane Michals Exhibition Image
    Carnegie International 58th closing party
    Photo of two people on a bed looking over various unwrapped gifts