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Tool Kits

Black and white photograph depicting female crossing guard allowing children to cross street in front of Brushton Five and Ten Cent store.
Black Life in Pittsburgh
Grades K–12
Collage on a panel featuring an image of the corner of an empty room with arms and legs dangling from the ceiling with each limb wrapped in a detailed pattern.
Grades K–12
Painting of artist studio interior furnished with a salon of paintings and other objects with two figures looking over work in progress and the artist seated at a nearby table.
Art & Literacy
Grades 3–12
Inkjet print of a landscape with orange sky and baseball field in the foreground surrounded by a neighborhood of houses with some on fire.
Looking & Learning
Grades K–12
Detail view of painting featuring a woman standing with arms crossed in front of a gallery wall.
Power in Art
Grades K–12

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