Walking Meditation

Audio May 28, 2021
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Feel the movement of one foot at a time, with this guided walking meditation, paired with Mythical Source by Ned Smyth. Follow along with the audio or text below.

Step-by-Step Meditation

  1. For this meditation, find a place where you can easily walk back and forth a few steps.
  2. Begin by standing in a comfortable position to look at this public art sculpture located at Allegheny Landing. You can view the photograph of the work, or, if you are able, visit the work in person.
  3. Notice the round mosaic on the ground with the sculpture at the center. Imagine what it would feel like to walk slowly around the center.
  4. Now, begin your own walking meditation wherever you are.
  5. Feel the movement of one foot at a time as it lifts, travels forward, and steps back on the ground.
  6. Keep your attention focused on the sensations in the body as you slowly move one foot forward and then the next. If you need to turn around, turn with the same level of awareness and then continue walking.
  7. Continue this walking meditation for a few more moments to focus and calm the mind.

This work is on view at Allegheny Landing between the Roberto Clemente and Andy Warhol Bridges next to PNC Park on the North Side, Pittsburgh.