Meet Tezuka Architects

Profile July 7, 2020
Tezuka Architects

Architects Takaharu and Yui Tezuka design with daily life in mind. Their Tokyo-based practice reinforces ideas of health, community and social gathering. This film briefly describes the Fuji Kindergarten in suburban Tokyo and the architects’ proposal for the 2013 Carnegie International.

Through cinematic images and sound, their installation in the Heinz Architectural Center evoked the kindergarten with its oval roof deck used by children year-round. Visitors in Pittsburgh could observe children in Tokyo run about energetically yet also enjoy moments of quieter play in the shade of preserved zelkova trees. Hence the installation’s title, run, run, run.

In 2016, the husband-and-wife team generously donated a set of original sketches, including this roof plan, to the permanent collection of the Heinz Architectural Center.

An architecture drawing of an oval-shaped building surrounded by trees; a park with natural features is nestled inside the oval
Tezuka Architects, Site plan #1, Fuji Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan, ca. 2005, Carnegie Museum of Art