Meet Christine Holtz

Profile Sept. 2, 2020
Christine Holtz

For today’s Artist Wednesday, we’re sharing the final installment of our video series featuring artists in our Counterpressures exhibition! Counterpressures explores the climate crisis from the unique perspective of 10 Pittsburgh-based artists. As the world has come to grapple with other crises, we are highlighting how these artists have adapted their practice to working from home.

“No one expects to go to a little league game and right next to the ballfield is an illegal dumpsite.” Christine Holtz’s project 50 Greenspace Dumpsites, a collaboration with artist Lauren Zadikow and Allegheny Cleanways, challenges perceptions of “clean spaces” by featuring photographs of Pittsburgh’s serene outdoors and exposing their location as an illegal dumpsite. Her photography inspires new ways of looking and tending to the environment. We invite you to visit the museum and explore all the compelling works in Counterpressures!