Meditation on Thoughts

Audio Apr. 24, 2022
“Maybe I don’t think enough about beauty in my work because I’m so curious about other qualities, abstract qualities of time, weight, balance, rhythm; collapse and fatigue versus the more upright dynamic notions of maybe posture … the state that something might be in. Is it growing or shrinking, is it going up or down, is it folding or unfolding?”
Phyllida Barlow

Make time for your mental health, and enjoy our new meditation on thoughts inspired by Phyllida Barlow’s untitled: upturnedhouse.

Step-by-Step Meditation

  1. Take some time to look at this sculpture. Notice its many details as you walk around the space, or imagine you are moving around the room.
  2. Consider the title, untitled: upturnedhouse. How does this work look disorienting, like an upturned house? How might your thoughts become disorienting?
  3. Now consider the material of the sculpture, the weight and balance of the layers. How might your thoughts become heavy as they layer one upon another, like the layers of the sculpture?
  4. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Become aware of any thoughts that enter your mind.
  5. Imagine each thought like a layer of material. How heavy is it? What color is it?
  6. With each new thought, imagine a new layer. Notice if the thoughts start to speed up or slow down as you bring greater awareness to each thought.
  7. Continue following your thoughts as you visualize your own unique sculpture and bring more awareness to your thought patterns.