Meditation on Form

Audio Oct. 20, 2020
As an artist, I find you discover a lot about yourself and a lot about your work in the making. I never know what our work’s about until we make it. I find out what it’s about as we proceed.
Flora Mace

Follow along with this guided meditation focused on form with this sculpture Zanfirico Pear by Flora Mace.

Step-by-Step Meditation

  1. Take a few moments to observe the glass sculpture.
  2. Focus on the form of the object by slowly tracing your eyes around the outside of the pear.
  3. The strips of colors and patterns you see in this sculpture are made from zanfirico canes—a process of making long canes of glass with different colors and twists that can be fused together.
  4. Now, bring your attention to these strips within the sculpture. Move your attention from one strip to another, observing the different colors and patterns as you move across the object.
  5. Close your eyes and imagine your own form in your mind’s eye. Imagine you are tracing the shape slowly with mindfulness.
  6. Envision a series of strips on your new shape. Start at one side and move to the other, stopping at each strip. They may be different or the same as the one before.
  7. Continue like this, moving from one imagined strip to another, to create calmness and focus in the mind.