Meditation on Blue

Audio Oct. 3, 2021
“Artists are part of the information process... Visual history is important in providing a record of what is going on—levels of intention, levels of confidence, levels of aggression or control.”
Leon Golub

Reflect on the different shades of the color blue in Leon Golub’s Blue Sphinx with a guided meditation. Reflect on how blue makes you feel and consider why the artist chose blue in this work.

Step-by-Step Meditation

  1. Take a few moments to look at this work.
  2. Reflect on the different shades of the color blue in this painting. How does the color blue make you feel? Often times, blue is associated with feelings of calm and serenity.
  3. Consider why the artist chose the color blue in this work. What might the color communicate to the viewer?
  4. Close your eyes and visualize a shade of blue that represents calming and relaxation.
  5. Take a deep breath in and imagine you are filling up with this shade of blue. Exhale and imagine this color moving out into the space around you.
  6. Breathe like this, in and out, as you visualize this calming color soothing your body and mind.
  7. Continue with this visualization for as long as you like to find greater calm and relaxation.