LaToya Ruby Frazier: More Than Conquerors

Videos Nov. 18, 2022


LaToya Ruby Frazier’s More Than Conquerors: A Monument for Community Health Workers of Baltimore, Maryland, commissioned for the 58th Carnegie International, reconceptualizes what a monument can be.

Born in Braddock, Pennsylvania, and based in Chicago, Frazier uses photography to tell the stories of community health workers in Baltimore during the pandemic. Stemming from workshops as part of a participatory research study led by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity, Frazier’s installation centers health workers and their voices.

LaToya Ruby Frazier received the 58th Carnegie Prize for A Monument for Community Health Workers of Baltimore, Maryland. The Carnegie Prize is a long-running tradition at Carnegie Museum of Art, as old as the Carnegie International itself. It has been awarded to one artwork in each iteration of the Carnegie International since 1896.

Video: Max Cianci