In Conversation: Diane Severin Nguyen and Hannah Turpin

Videos Dec. 21, 2020
A profile portrait of a person wearing large, bright headphones and standing in front of gauzy curtains with light seeping through

Join artist Diane Severin Nguyen and Hannah Turpin, Carnegie Museum of Art’s Curatorial Assistant for Modern and Contemporary Art and Photography as they discuss Diane Severin Nguyen: Tyrant Star, the museum’s latest online exhibition.

Filmed entirely in Ho Chi Minh City, Tyrant Star prompts viewers to consider the social, psychological, and spatial impacts of our time. The stitching together of differently sourced sounds with distinct visual chapters of trash-strewn landscapes, quiet interiors, and fragmented bodies suspend the viewer in an environment of solitude, longing, and uncertainty. The subtle movements highlight the ways our surroundings are alive, swelling with the memories of the past.