Malvina Hoffman and Anton Bruckner

Audio Feb. 24, 2022
A serene face carved into rough block of marble.
Malvina Hoffman, Spirit, 1913, Carnegie Museum of Art
“Sculpture is a parable in three dimensions, a symbol of a spiritual experience, and a means of conveying truth by concentrating its essence into visible form.”
From Sculpture Inside and Out, 1939, Malvina Hoffman

Carnegie Museum of Art is delighted to bring you artwork from our collection whose stories and themes connect with the sounds you will hear from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. We hope you enjoy experiencing this work of art alongside the performance.

Sculptor, Malvina Hoffman, and composer, Anton Bruckner, followed very different religious teachings. Hoffman turned to the Hindu-based messages of Vedanta while Bruckner subscribed to Christian piety yet both sought truth in what they created. They imbued their works with the spiritual experience referenced by Hoffman believing in the communicative power of their chosen art forms.

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