Hedda Sterne and Nicolai Paganini

Audio Sept. 21, 2021

In a large room, one man is seated, and a boy is standing facing him. Both figures are playing violins and a stand with sheet music is set up behind them.
Hedda Sterne, Violin Lesson, 1944, Carnegie Museum of Art

“Sometimes I react to immediate visible reality and sometimes I am prompted by ideas, but at all times I have been moved... by the music of the way things are.”
Hedda Sterne, 2006

Carnegie Museum of Art and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra welcome violinist, María Dueñas, to make memories of her first visit to Pittsburgh and to share in the musical memories of artist Hedda Sterne. Stern fled the Nazis and her Romanian home in 1940. To process and memorialize her past, she reflected on her childhood memories through her art. This painting depicts the importance of music education in Sterne’s family home as her brother and his violin teacher engage in a violin lesson.

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