Forum 74: Antoine Catala

Videos Apr. 25, 2014

Antoine Catala: Distant Feel presents a new body of work in sculpture, photography, and video that addresses the way that images provoke emotion, especially as they travel virtual and physical distances via the internet.

Antoine Catala’s work takes an interest in the myriad ways we express feelings, through the very technology that increasingly mediates our daily lives. Catala is developing a new approach to the sentiment of empathy, conceived in collaboration with the New York advertising agency Droga5. This new form of empathy is embodied in both a symbol and the catch phrase “distant feel,” both of which will be employed in the exhibition and online. Catala shares the campaign, with more information, at

This project is a co-commission with the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and will be presented on the occasion of the 2015 Triennial:Surround Audience.