Edvard Munch and Edvard Grieg

Audio Sept. 21, 2021
A young woman wearing a black and white dress and cap stands in front of a large tree with twisting branches. She is standing next to a bunch of wheat and holding some in her hands while looking directly at the viewer. The roofs of two houses can be seen in the background.
Edvard Munch, Girl Under Apple Tree, 1904, Carnegie Museum of Art

“The Music coloured the colours. I painted the picture and made the colours quiver with the rhythm of the music.”
Edvard Munch, from The Origins of the Frieze of Life, Oslo 1890, published 1928

Celebrate two of Norway’s most noted Edvards, composer Grieg and artist Munch, whose creative spirits shaped Norway’s cultural and national identities. Grieg, a romantic era composer, elevated traditional Norwegian music weaving tunes in and out of his classical interpretations. Munch led Norwegian visual arts into the modern era first as a Symbolist painter then as a pioneer of Expressionism for which he is best known today. Both continue to “colorfully” inspire and intrigue.

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