Building Optimism: Public Space in South America

Videos Sept. 15, 2020
Children play in a playground while an architect sketches concepts on a pad of paper

Carnegie Museum of Art’s 2016 exhibition Building Optimism: Public Space in South America included projects from Brazil, Colombia, Chile and other countries across the continent. These many projects presented museum visitors with innovative ways that emerging architects and urban designers instigate change through design in public space.

The Recycle Park project was an initiative that grew out of this exhibition and partnerships between Al Borde, a collective of young architects based in Quito, Ecuador and local partners including Braddock Tiles, Gardweeno, North Braddock Borough, North Braddock Cares, Urban Design Build Studio, Project RE___, Recycle Park Friends, and our museum staff. Working together, the group revitalized a park in Pittsburgh’s Braddock neighborhood. Recycle Park was an opportunity to take ideas we explore in the galleries and bring them to life in our city.