Cycle 2: Lightime

a virtual landscape that was made in the video game second life
Still from Styles and Customs of the 2020s, 2017, Virtual reality, variable duration, By Kim Laughton, based on text from DIS creative brief by Marvin Jordan, A Scatter X DIS Collaboration, Supported by the Hillman Photography Initiative at Carnegie Museum of Art

Artist Projects

A clock with no numbers featured in the 2008 Carnegie International
Artist Andrea Polli and images of her environmental sustainability projects
Nov. 5, 2016–Jan. 30, 2017
Rocky landscape with house in the background. Palm trees grow in the foreground, and debris litters the ground. A transparent dome structure arches overhead.
Mar. 16–Sept. 4, 2017
Bradford Young Rekognize exhibition
June 17–Mar. 31 2018
Aerial view of neighborhood streets from above, with rows of homes running off into the distance. Overlaid on this view are constellations of stars with the following names: Dina “Free” Blackwell, Nisha Blackwell, Ayana Clark, Yona Harvey, Robert Hodge, Joy KMT, Ayanah Moor, Bekezela Mguni, Staycee Pearl, Ricardo Robinson, Felicia Savage, Anqwenique Wingfield, and Alisha Wormsley.
Sept. 16–Dec. 21, 2017

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