Stillness Meditation

Audio Aug. 11, 2020
Women should be someone and not something.
Mary Cassatt

Enjoy this guided meditation paired with Mary Cassatt’s A Portrait of the Artist’s Mother. Follow along with the audio or text below.

Step-by-Step Meditation on Stillness

  1. Sit in a comfortable seat.
  2. Look deeply at the portrait, taking note of the stillness of the figure.
  3. Consider what Cassatt’s mother may be thinking about as she poses in stillness. Imagine sitting for a portrait in complete stillness.
  4. Close your eyes and try to cultivate the same level of stillness as the figure. Relax your body into a comfortable pose.
  5. Notice the connection of your body against the chair. Feel your feet flat against the ground. Notice where your hands are resting.
  6. Continue scanning your body, noticing how it feels in this seated posture.
  7. Relax your body as you sit with ease in complete stillness.