Meditation to Mountain Pose

Audio July 16, 2020
I found that the very landscapes started looking like prints to me. I do not paint subjective impressions. My work is based on reality, I cannot falsify, even though I can simplify.
Kawase Hasui

Enjoy this guided meditation paired with Kawase Hasui’s Lake Shoji (Shôjiko). Follow along with the audio or text below.

Step-by-Step Meditation

  1. Slowly view the print from the bottom to the top, stopping briefly at each new color and layer of the mountain. Consider the simplicity of the mountain and the calmness it conveys.
  2. Stand, if you are able, in a comfortable position. Embody the stable, calm energy of the mountain before you.
  3. Adjust your feet so they are hip-width distance apart. Gently rock forward and backward, until you find a place of equilibrium. Find stillness in your body.
  4. Scan your body from bottom to top in the same way you viewed the mountain in the print. Begin at your feet. Feel the solidness at the base of the mountain.
  5. Continue upwards. Feel the strength in your hips aligned above your feet. Continue up the mountain placing your shoulders above your hips. Extend the crown of your head as the mountain peak towards the sky.
  6. Gently relax your neck and face, and slowly rock your head from side to side before returning to stillness.
  7. Close your eyes. Feel the solid connection of your feet against the earth.
  8. Continue scanning the body from your feet to the crown of your head, as you manifest the energy of the mountain.